Direct reserveren
Direct reserveren

Rental conditions

The General Car Rental Conditions of the BOVAG apply to all rentals. You will also find these on the backside of our rental agreements.  

What to bringwhen you plan to collect your car?

  • Valid Dutch driver’s license
  • Valid address identification not older than 30 days (with bank statement)
  • Deposit of €200,- plus the estimated rental price should be paid in advance by PIN or credit card.
  • If the driver is under 24, the deposit is €250,- .


Possible by phone or by e-mail. We will do our utmost to deliver the type of car you have requested, however we reserve the right to deliver an equivalent car. Cancellation of the reservation is free of charge.

Tenant / Driver

The tenant/driver must be at least 21 years of age and in possession of a valid Dutch driver’s license for at least one year.


All our cars include All-Risk insurance, passenger insurance and ANWB coverage within the Netherlands. In case of alcohol and/or drugs usage, you will be held fully liable for all damages (and excluded from all insurance coverage).


Coverage for all countries within the EU. You are obliged to report a trip abroad to us in advance, enabling us to provide you with the original documents and to accommodate an ANWB Travel Insurance for € 25,00.

Decrease Own Risk

Conditions of decreasing own risk: minimum of 24 years old and in possession of a valid Dutch driver’s license for at least one year. For every noninsured damage there is an own risk policy, depending on the class of the car. You may decrease your own risk:

  • Class A € 400,- reduced to € 150,- for € 6,00 per day
  • Class B € 600,- reduced to € 200,- for € 9,00 per day
  • Class C € 900,- reduced to € 350,- for € 12,00 per day
  • Class D € 1000,- reduced to € 400,- for € 15,00 per day or € 75,00 per month


Rental period

A rental day is one calendar day. If already in stock, the car can be picked up the day before between 17:15 and 17:45 p.m. without additional costs.

Extending rental period

In case you wish to extend the rental period, you will need to come by the office to renew the contract, in order for the car to remain insured during the rental period.


Offerte aanvragen

Selecteer een wagen


Offerte aanvragen

Selecteer welke dagen u de wagen wilt huren.
U kunt de wagen 24/7 ophalen en terugbrengen, mits u binnen kantoortijden contact met ons opneemt.
Wilt u meerdere dagen huren? Vergeet dan niet de andere dag te selecteren.
Kunt u deze wagen ook op zondag huren? dan krijgt u 20% korting op uw dagprijs.
Omdat u deze bedrijfswagen op zondag huurt, krijgt u €{{(calcPrice(res.geselecteerde_wagen) * 0.2).toFixed(2)}}- korting
Ophalen om:
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Huur informatie

Uw huurwagen:
{{aantal_dagen_selected}} dag(en)
€ {{(calcPrice(res.geselecteerde_wagen) * 0.8).toFixed(2)}}- Excl.
€ {{((calcPrice(res.geselecteerde_wagen) * 0.8) * 1.21).toFixed(2)}}- Incl. BTW
€ {{calcPrice(res.geselecteerde_wagen)}}- Excl.
€ {{(Number(calcPrice(res.geselecteerde_wagen)) * 1.21).toFixed(2)}}- Incl. BTW
Deze prijs bevat {{res.geselecteerde_wagen.acf.inbegrepen_kms[aantal_dagen_selected]}}km
Extra gemaakte km's worden los betaalt.
(€ {{res.geselecteerde_wagen.acf.prijzen.prijs_buiten_km}}- per km)


€ {{Number(acc.acf.prijs.replace(",",".")).toFixed(2)}}-
€ {{(Number(acc.acf.prijs.replace(",",".")) * aantal_dagen_selected).toFixed(2)}}- totaal


Offerte aanvragen

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Bedankt voor het reserveren
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